Sell Your Home With An Online Estate Agent

selling with online estate agentBuying or selling a home will be one of the most costly and stressful experiences of your life (sorry to say!). The fees paid in this industry are unparallelled and none annoy me more than the estate agent fee. Lets say you’re selling your property for £400,000. With a typical estate agent fee of 4%, that will end up being a massive £16,000.


Yep, £16,000!!


And what they do is little more than list your property on Rightmove and Zoopla.


Thankfully, online estate agents are seeing a huge increase in popularity and seem to be gaining market share FAST. Why should you care? Because you can sell your home for under £1,000 with an online estate agent. And that includes all of the services offered by a traditional estate agent.


Online estate agents don’t need a fancy office. And they realize the industry needs a shake-up. That results in a much lower cost to you.


The major sites out there all explain the sales process better than I can here so just Google ‘online estate agents’. Before you choose one though, this site compares all major online estate agents and is worth reviewing. And finally, as you can expect, Citizens Advice and HOA provide solid home selling information.