Slash Your Cable TV Bills

tv billsOne of the first ways in which I was able to save a noticable amount of money each month was to review my cable TV package in great detail!


It had been years since my husband or I even bothered looking at it and we had forgotten how many channels we had signed up to at the peak of our TV excitement.


We brutally downgraded our plan and saved $50 a month. Not bad for a 5 minute phone call!


Another tactic friends have used that has worked really well is if you tell them you want to leave. They’ll put you through to the disconnections team (internally known as ‘customer retention team) who are sure to offer you a better deal. Heck, even if they don’t and they actually are about to cut you off, tell them you’ll actually call them back in a minute after you’ve had a word with your husband / wife.